Our Goals

The association aims to promote the aquaculture industry through the following

Integration with the relevant authorities to provide consultations and support in aquaculture services.

Providing technical and administrative support to producers in the inland water aquaculture sector.

Establishing commercial entities and entering into appropriate investments with third parties to develop financial resources.

Marketing, export and import of fish products.

Work to form internal and external strategic partnerships that contribute to achieving the goals.

Work with relevant authorities to develop the aquaculture industry to achieve global leadership.

Investing in fish feed factories

Investing in the fish food industry

Management of markets specialized in fish products.

Investing in fish detachments

Investing in research and specialized studies in the aquaculture sector.

Monitoring and documentation of aquaculture products internally to protect them from competitiveness.

Conduct studies, consulting, services and businesses that generate growing sources of income that enable them to achieve their goals.

Carry out environmental studies and follow up the environmental commitment of projects to achieve sustainable development.

Developing self-capacities to make the association a scientific, technical and economic reference in the aquaculture industry in boring.